How to Unlock Predictable and Consistent Cash Flow From Your High Value Service Business | Frank Bria


How to Generate $50k per Month in Consistent Consulting Clients ... Even If You're Just Relying on the Occasional Referral Right now


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Frank is the High-Ticket Scale Expert. He helps consultants and authors consistently and successfully charge 5- and 6-figures per client to help them blow past the $500k mark to the high-6 and 7-figures. He is the international bestselling author of Scale: How to Grow Your Business by Working Less

Here's Just A Sample of What We'll Be Covering...

  • Learn 1 assumption you're making today about consulting that will keep you broke ... forever.
  • Discover how the first thing out of your mouth is probably killing the sale ... before you even start selling.
  • Find out why most consultants and experts are lazy in describing their offering ... and why that will limit your income.
  • Avoid the biggest mistake that causes internet marketing funnels to fail ... and learn why yours might be at risk right now.
  • Determine whether you are holding onto the "keep me broke" mindset ... and how it masquerades as "good marketing."