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These 7 Tips Are My Personal Swipe File I Have Used Exclusively to Close Over 7-Figures Worth of 5- and 6-Figure Consulting Clients


TO: Frustrated consultants who are tired of landing sales with "dumb luck" or going back to the same clients over and over again. Those who are ready to start generating a steady and predictable flow of high-paying clients.

Frank Bria

Author of Scale: How to Grow Your Busness by Working Less and stategist who helps management consultants pivot from time-sucking "projects" to a scalable business model that leverages your work across multiple clients at the same time.

Discover These Proven Tips For Nailing Consulting Sales Conversations I Developed over 15 Years of Selling 5-, 6-, and even 8-Figure Services

You know how consulting is "feast or famine"? It's one good month followed by three bad ones. When you land a new client, it feels like luck. So, you go back to your network - hitting the same people up, again and again. 

If you would like to stop having to crawl back to the same clients and finally put an end to all the worry and frustration of never really knowing where your next high-ticket clients will come from, then you need to download this free Swipe File that contains 7 "cut and paste" tips that will forever transform your sales conversations.

You are able to discover the same exact consulting sales strategies I've used to build my own 6-figure consulting business, and well as generate 6-, 7-, and even 8-figure sales over and over for me and my clients. I've boiled the best down to 7 killer tips and put them into an easy-to-use Swipe File you can use to "cut and paste" into your own sales conversations.

I call this the High-Tickt Consulting Swipe File and today you can get it for FREE!

Inside the "High-Ticket Consulting Swipe File" You'll Discover:

  • The KILLER HOOK that will keep prospects listening and earns you the right to present your services...
  • One thing you can add to the description of your services that will immediately differentiate you from every other consultant out there...
  • How to retain power in the conversation so the prospect chases you, rather than the other way around...
  • Why handling objections before the prospect says anything is so important and the #1 way of stopping them in their tracks...
  • The formula you can apply to build instant credibility with your prospect so they know you understand their problem...
  • The RIGHT way to sell benefits without sounding like you are promising the sky with nothing to back it up...
  • The ONE QUESTION you should ask your prospect to shut down almost half of your lost sales...
  • And much, much more!

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The 7 Tips in the "High-Ticket Consulting Swipe File " Can Be Used Tomorrow In Your Sales Conversations  

The "High-Ticket Consulting Swipe File" is built on a unique framework specifically designed for consultants who want a steady stream of high-ticket clients – those that pay 5- and 6-figures each for your services.  

Other sales strategies are either for low-ticket services or high-pressure sales converted from online sources like webinars and lead magnets. These strategies lack the critical human connection needed to get your prospect to like and trust you and hand you a 5- or 6-figure check. 

On the other hand, sales techniques based solely on networking and referrals are impossible to scale meaning you’re stuck begging the same one or two people for work over and over again. 

That’s why I’ve developed this unique and powerful framework to show high-ticket consultants exactly how to combine the power of instant credibility building with the human connection necessary to close high-ticket sales. All of that so you can effortlessly convert prospects into your 5- and 6-figure programs. 

Using this framework, you'll finally have the freedom to...

  • Scale your business to the level you really want... instead of settling for peanuts... 
  • Do what you really love... instead of constantly struggling to round up your next flow of high-ticket customers... 
  • Spend time closing more warm leads... instead of ineffective cold calling or relying on that one client you always end up going back to... 
  • Grow your business bigger and faster than you ever dreamed possible... 
  • And much, much more... 

Download The FREE Swipe File You Can Easily Follow To Close More 5- and 6-Figure Clients

See Why Others Love Learning How To Grow Their Business From Frank, Creator Of The "High-Ticket Consulting Swipe File"  

"It's necessary to get the information in easily digestible chunks, and that's exactly what Frank Bria does." 

~ Remya Warrior 

"The clarity that he was able to bring me was fantastic." 

~ Nigel Moya 

"He's taken proven concepts and structures and made it extremely easy to understand and to implement."

~ Gary Johnson

"He taught me some stuff that's going to explode my business!" 

~ Michael Botts

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